Tandem skydive is the quickest way to experience freefall. A short briefing is given, has you slip into a jumpsuit & harness. The jump will take place from 10,000ft with a qualified Tandem master, who takes you through the entire experience from introduction to the actual jump. Once in the aircraft and you are at altitude you will be clipped on to the Instructor and freefall with him for 40 secs before he deploy the parachute, after which together you will steer the chute safely back to earth. Dvd of jump available


AFFWant to learn to skydive on the fast track- this is for you! After your ground school (approx 5-6 hours), your first jump will be from no less than 10,000ft with two instructors to assist you whilst freefalling. You will open your own parachute. The instructor on the ground will guide you in for a safe landing. Should you complete seven jumps successfully, you can be jumping by yourself after one weekend.


Static Line JumpAfter completion of a first jump course (approx 6 hours), you will be guided through your jump by a qualified PASA instructor. He will assist you and open your parachute directly from the aircraft from 3500ft. The instructor on the ground will guide you in for a tiptoe landing.


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